Late Friday night, C. was in a bad accident. (He was riding on the back of his friend’s scooter and got hit by a deputy sheriff who was running a red light without her siren on…) C. has some pretty serious injuries – including 6 broken ribs, one fractured vertebra, a pneumothorax, and – most disturbingly – large lacerations on his liver and spleen (class 4 and class 3, out of 5, respectively). Fortunately, he does not appear to be bleeding internally, and after 48 hours holding stable, they’ve moved him from ICU to a med-surg ward.

Needless to say, we aren’t thinking too much about fertility at the moment. Although I have to admit that one of my grossly inappropriate thoughts upon hearing about the accident was, “I guess we won’t get to try this month…” When I confessed this to C., he was super disappointed and tried to convince me that he would be up for BDing by ovulation time. Since he is on strict bed rest now, hasn’t walked or eaten more than a bite of solid foods since Friday, and ovulation is 3-4 days away, I find this pretty unlikely.)

Anyway, please keep C. in your thoughts and prayers.

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