Dr’s visit

Yesterday, I met with Dr. Y. for my HSG follow up visit. Highlights:

  • Dr. Y. expressed sincere concern for C.’s accident. (Love him!)
  • Dr. Y. expressed interest in seeing the image of my uterus from HSG that I have on my cell phone. (Even if he was faking, I don’t care. Still love him.)
  • Dr. Y. reassured me that while C.’s pain meds might reduce the odds of a pregnancy, in the event that I do get pregnant, there shouldn’t be any effect on the fetus. (One less thing to worry about.)
  • In the likely event that I don’t get pregnant, I need to call his office as soon as my period starts to schedule an ultrasound. (US has to happen within 3 days of my period start if I want to do IUI this cycle…one more thing to worry about!)
  • The rescheduled date for my menopur class (class to give myself hormone shots for medicated IUI) should hopefully happen before my period starts…if it doesn’t, then I won’t be able to do IUI this cycle. (Another thing to worry about!)
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