Catching up

Today’s ultrasound went better than Monday’s. Dr. Y seemed much more upbeat. Lefty is at 22 mm, with Righty catching up at 17 mm. The third follicle has also been growing, and is now at 12 mm. Dr. Y said it could grow enough before retrieval to be good, but the chance of this is definitely less than for the other two. My estradiol was at 781 (whatever that means…)

The net result is that we’ll trigger tonight at 9:30, with egg retrieval scheduled for 7:30 on Friday morning!

Given the fact that we have only two good-looking follicles, Dr. Y explained a few special precautions he’s taking with the retrieval.

First, he added another drug called indomethacin.

ImageIndomethacin is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID) that apparently is also useful for preventing ovulation. Dr. Y said this would be extra insurance (in addition to the ganirelix) to make sure that Lefty waits around until Saturday.

Second, he said he’ll use a double lumen needle in place of the usual single lumen one. Dr. Google informs me that the double lumen needle looks like a needle within a needle:

ImageI think the inner (bigger) hole is used to aspirate up the egg (like with a single lumen needle), but the double lumen needle has the added functionality of being able to squirt water from the outer hole into the follicle and ‘rinse’ it out. The rinse can be aspirated out again to catch the egg if it wasn’t sucked up the first time.

Dr. Y seemed to think we have a good chance of retrieving the two big eggs. Either way, he said he will be able to tell us how many he got immediately after surgery. (C is not looking forward to the responsibility of being first to know the news…) If we get something on Friday, then we’ll find out on Saturday whether it/they fertilized. And if something fertilizes, then we’ll find out on Monday whether it survived to Day 3 for freezing. Given the small number of follicles, Dr. Y doubts that we would risk letting them grow to Day 5, but he didn’t rule it out completely.

So today is my last day of stims, ganirelix, dexamethasone, aspirin and prenatals. I’m also supposed to do a Follistim ‘boost’ tonight right after C gives me my hCG trigger shot at 9:30 tonight. That makes a total of 5 shots today! Tomorrow I continue the indomethacin and growth hormone (which I haven’t written anything about yet…sorry!)

Here’s an updated version of my protocol that reflects the adjustments:


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  1. Here’s hoping those two follicles have some great quality eggs and this is the last time you see stim needles!

    • Thanks…although considering we’re seriously thinking about doing this a few times prior to transfer, with the hope of banking embryos for possible siblings. We can’t help thinking that DOR is cruelly closing our window of opportunity with each passing month. 😦

  2. You’re getting to the finish line! And hope that follie number 3 will catch up well. Best of luck with ER. BTW, did you make the calendar yourself? It’s so colorful.

  3. Gypsy Mama

     /  June 20, 2013

    Hope your two follies have some excellent eggs in them and will result in a BFP for you!

  4. That’s a colourful protocol. Good luck with the retrieval.

    I’m a little geeky, I got a little excited about the double lumen needle description. I didn’t know there were needles that did that.

  5. Good luck!! Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Yey, glad to hear things look more positive. That’s quite a protocol! Love the colours! Good luck with the retrieval!!

  7. EEEEE! I’m getting excited for you! Sending your follies grow vibes. 🙂

  8. I like the calendar too! That’s my kind of organization. Good luck with the retrieval!!!

  9. I am so glad your doctor is taking extra precautions to make sure he gets those eggs. Fingers crossed we will be celebrating 3 healthy, frozen embryos by Monday!

  10. I had no idea indomethacin could prevent ovulation. That might explain why my cycle got completely messed up when I was on it after an ankle injury. Good to know!

    Best of luck tomorrow… I’m hoping for 2-3 eggies tomorrow! Never forget, though… it only takes one. I’m going to keep on saying it, because it’s true!!!

  11. stephanie

     /  June 20, 2013

    Good luck on your retrieval. It’s hard not to think about the # of eggs because there is a correlation between quantity and success. But remember, it only takes 1… I always say to myself “quality, quality, quality…” 🙂

  12. EEEE!!!! Such great news! But wait, I think I totally missed something here — why the freezing of a Day 3 (or 5) embryo? Are you not just tossing ’em both in there immediately?

    • My RE thinks my chances would be better with a frozen transfer after I’ve given my body a full month to clear out all these drugs (particularly the Clomid).

      Also, per Evelyn’s suggestion, we’re thinking about doing multiple retrievals to bank some embryos before we implant any. That way, if we’re successful, we’ll have some potential siblings on ice before my ancient ovaries wheeze their last breath…

  13. It’s funny I’m always behind getting new posts from word press bloggers, maybe it’s a blogspot/word press thing. Yes-I was referring to your ‘C’!

  14. Good luck. It is so exciting. I can’t wait to read about your eggs.

  15. Hi from ICLW. Wishing you all the best on your upcoming retrieval.

  16. Just catching up! Hope everything went well today!!! At some point I wanna talk baby aspirin with you – my RE doesn’t use it but I’ve seen so many people using it and know it can be very helpful. Can you give me some science behind it?

    • Thanks!

      I haven’t looked into aspirin much. It’s supposed to increase blood flow to the uterus, but that doesn’t explain why I had to take it for so long before retrieval…


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