Slowly growing

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes and words of encouragement. You all make infertility suck a little bit less…

Well, at 6:15 pm today the embryologist finally called to give us the status update on Lefty. He did fertilize, but is growing verrryyyy sloooooooooooowwlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He is currently two cells, when he should be at least six cells by now…

Here’s a random photo I found online of what a two-cell embryo looks like:


Here’s what Lefty should look like by now:

ImageThe embryologist was not very encouraging; she said, “most likely it will go nowhere”, but they are going to check again in two more days to see.

Dr. Y was also on the phone for the call (which is probably why they waited until 6:15 to do it), and so I asked him if we should make an appointment to sit down with him and plan the next step.

I also made an appointment with an acupuncturist, and spent a couple hours at work searching PubMed for articles about supplements to treat diminished ovarian reserve. (I’ll write a post about what I learned sometime soon.)

I figure if we’re going to throw away another $12K+, I’d like to have some reason (however improbable) for expecting a different result…

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  1. Gosh this stuff is just so emotional isn’t it. I guess it’s good that the specialists are being so upfront with you and transparent. C’mon little two-cell dude. Prove the scientists wrong! Or at least enjoy your time on Earth in the petrie dish and make the most of it. Hope you have a nice view in the lab there, little dude.
    I’ll be interested to hear what you find out about treating diminished ovarian reserve…

  2. So… I wonder where you guys are located. Have you ever considered mini-IVF or natural IVF? There is a theory about natural/mini-IVF being better preserving egg quality. DH and I will seriously consider a clinic in SoCal that specializes in mini-IVF if our cycle doesn’t go well and if I don’t respond to fertility drugs well.

    • I live in SoCal too. Haven’t looked into natural/mini-IVF yet though. Our clinic has pretty awesome stats, so my default has been to trust their judgment so far. (I may change that philosophy if/when they start pushing me to use donor eggs…) Which clinic are you thinking of?

      • So we live in NorCal. We drove 7 hours down to Irvine to attend Life IVF’s seminar. I frequent a high FSH online forum and have learned a lot from people who have done all that we’re doing. Many of them have gone the conventional IVF route that didn’t work for them. Some of them found success doing mini-IVF/natural IVF. Feel free to email me at binkymoongee at gmail if you are interested in knowing more about what I have learned. One of my posts about convention/mini-IVF tells a little about the choice that I had to make.

  3. Your Friend IRL

     /  June 25, 2013

    We still believe in you, Lefty! Grow, grow, GROW!!
    That stinks you all had to wait allllllllll day…yeesh! If Lefty decides it’s a no-go, we know the perfect little one (or five!) are right around the corner. Those ovaries still have some fight in them. We just KNOW it! ❤

  4. Uhm…I don’t like the embryologist, but I like your attitude. Why can’t I be more like you? I look forward to your post on treatments for DOR:-) AND I’m still holding out hope for Lefty!!!

  5. Go Lefty!!! If Lefty doesnt make it though, I do hope you get to learn something from this. I had a crappy first IVF, which left me with no embies. But we did learn a bit from it and IVF two went better. Sending you a big hug!!

    • Thank you. It helps to know that a first failed cycle doesn’t guarantee that all will fail…

  6. Grow little lefty grow!!! I hope this emby makes a move ahead, and I hope that you get some positive news soon. Fingers crossed for you.

  7. I’m so sorry things aren’t looking great. Miracles do happen, though, so stay positive! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for lefty!

    BUT… just in case the embryologist is right…. I took Coenzyme Q10 for my ovarian reserve issues. Who knows if it worked? I did get pregnant three times while taking it, but none of them stuck. I’ve heard some success stories with DHEA as well, but I know the side effects can be ugly. Those are the only two supplements that I’ve really seen any scientific backing for, but I’m sure there’s lots of other ones out there that other people swear by. As for acupuncture- I’m not sure about the research, but I do know one woman who had DOR (among other issues), and only managed to get pregnant after she started acupuncture. Anecdotal evidence only, but hey- if it inspires hope, it’s worth something, right?

    I know that it takes a bit of time for both Coenzyme Q10 and DHEA to kick in- several months in both cases, so if you need to (and I’m still hoping you won’t!), get started on whatever you choose ASAP.

    • Thanks. I have an appointment with Dr. Y, where I’ll bring up the topic of supplements.

  8. I’m still gonna send grow vibes to your little embie. And keep you in my prayers.

  9. I’m hoping that little guy grows. But for $12K+, I’d be doing my research for next time too. Fingers crossed extra hard for you.

  10. Praying for you and for your baby to grow! I too have DOR or POR. I am in the process of doing mini-IVF.

  11. stephanie

     /  June 25, 2013

    I’m not with Dr. Y but did work with your same clinic for my IUIs (unsuccessful), IVF (successful with #1), and low stim IVF (currently in progress for #2… same protocol as you… which some people also call the mini-IVF/natural IVF). For my current protocol, I was put on the low stim IVF due to my low AMH of 0.2. Dr. G recommended some supplements and major diet changes for me. I’m not overweight, just working on QUALITY of eggs since I don’t have many eggs left to work with. Like #1, I will do ANYTHING for #2. So I went vegan, as recommended. I also took a handful of supplements from a website that he recommended. If you’re interested, email me and I can send you the information. And if you want to meet up over lunch or something, let me know. I’m on Cookies as well but don’t attend meetings as it’s a little awkward when I have already been successful with #1. Cookies was a life saver for me. Take care and best of luck.

    • Thank you! I’d love to email, but I’m not sure how… Maybe if you message me through the Cookies forum?

  12. As someone who once referred to her fetus as Lazy Embryo, I can feel your frustration with this two-cell dude… but those are the ones that often surprise you! Don’t give up hope yet, although I do support getting a move on with “next steps” meetings and whatnot. You always want to have a plan, especially if things feel up in the air.

  13. Okay, although it totally sucks overall (one? there should be TEN happy little blastocysts!), it’s still super cool that you can grow a tiny human-to-be in a little glass dish.

  14. I’m sorry, friend. I’m still sending the vibes for lefty. Because, you know, sometimes weird stuff happens. Thinking of you!

    • Thank you. I’m weird, so it stands to reason that the weird stuff should happen to me in particular, right?

  15. I’m so sorry this isn’t working out as you hoped. It would be nice if your little embryo would surprise you and keep chugging, but it’s good to be prepared for the worst (in my gloomy world, anyway). I’ve tried both CoQ10 (no noticeable result in IVF) and now DHEA as DOR supplements…I’m really interested in what you have to say about them! Your blog is so informative, as well as personal.

    • Thank you! Once I’ve had a chance to discuss the topic of supplements with Dr. Y, I’ll post what I’ve learned.

  16. Oh, COME ON lefty! Holding out hope for that dude. Our first IVF cycle ended up being a learning experience. No less shitty, but it was helpful in the end.

  17. St. Elsewhere

     /  June 26, 2013

    So hard.

    I am praying for the embie to grow, but sheeeesh. Till it grows, there is hope, and I sure hope that it all works out.

    Good Luck!


  18. Stopping by from ICLW. I’m sorry that your embryologist isn’t being more supportive. I hope that Lefty keeps growing!


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