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AF arrived yesterday, so I went to see Dr. Y for a baseline ultrasound this morning. While we are waiting for my supplements to take effect, we figured it couldn’t hurt to do a few cycles of natural IUI. (As C puts it, “so we can feel like we’re doing something…”) Originally, Dr. Y had suggested taking Clomid during the IUI cycles, but I had second thoughts about pumping my body with drugs when I’m supposedly trying to use acupuncture, supplements and diet to achieve a monastic zen-like state that will maximize the quality of my remaining eggs (or something like that…) Dr. Y quickly jumped on board with the plan, especially since he spotted a large ovarian cyst on ultrasound. The cyst would have precluded using any drugs anyway, so natural cycle it is!

The plan is for me to use an over-the-counter ovulation predictor kit (I’ll probably just stick with my CBFM) to detect my natural LH surge, and then to call the office to schedule insemination (aka turkey baster) the next day. The way I figure it, each month we get a chance (however small) that this egg might be ‘the good one’. If this month’s is the good egg, delivering C’s little swimmers directly to my uterus might slightly increase the chance that it gets fertilized.

Plus, summer research is almost over, so I’ve got time to kill. And Kaiser covers it. So, why not?


I went to my second Resolve meeting last week. It was awesome. I got a lot of support in my decision to schedule a phone consultation at CCRM. More importantly, I also got a healthy dose of “it could be worse.”

Not that anybody would have said anything so insensitive, but hearing stories from my sisters in infertility helped remind me that, crappy as DOR is, it is not the worst diagnosis possible. The fact remains that C & I still have one very good option – IVF with donor eggs. Yes, it would mean giving up on genetic offspring (those adorable little hapa babies with my nose and C’s hand-eye coordination…) But it would bring our odds of success with IVF up to 70% or more per cycle. It would also ‘stop the clock’ on our fertility issues, meaning that we could have as many kids as we want, and time them as far apart as we want (well, almost… I think legit clinics refuse to transfer once I turn 50…) And our risk for age-related chromosomal issues would drop to whatever they are for our twenty-something donor.

Oh, and while I’m counting my blessings, I should probably mention that we are in the fortunate position of being able to afford egg donation as an option. (The same might not be said for a gestational carrier, which runs around $100K per try. So, we’re thankful that my uterus seems to be in good shape!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up on my eggs just yet, but it’s nice to know that we have a good option tucked away in the sock drawer, waiting for us to pull it out whenever we’re ready. It’s also nice to know that there will be a great group of gals (and guys) down in the trenches with us who will support us, whichever path we choose.


Last but not least, I got the sweetest gift from our fertile friends, S & Q. (These are the same ‘thoughtful ninjas’ who dropped off gorgeous flowers the night before a doctors visit, and a delicious care package of tasty treats on retrieval day.) Last week, the ninjas struck again, this time leaving this St. Gerard keychain:


(It was timely, as I got it a few hours after reading this post by Risa at Who Shot Down My Stork? about the St. Gerard medal she got from a friend.)

As many of you know, I’m a practicing Roman Catholic (which I wrote about here), and St. Gerard is the Patron Saint of Motherhood. The Church uses a rather broad definition of motherhood here, including expectant mothers and mother-wannabes like me; as a result, couples trying to conceive will often pray to St. Gerard. (Another option is St. Gianna Beretta Molla, Patron Saint of Mothers, Unborn Children, and Physicians.) For any of you who are Catholic (or just willing to try anything at this point), here’s a common Prayer to St. Gerard:

O good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before God

and Wonder-worker of our day,

I call on you and seek your help.

You who on earth did always fulfill God’s design,

help me to do the Holy Will of God.

Beseech the Master of Life,

from whom all paternity proceeded,

to make me fruitful in offspring,

that I may raise up children to God in this life

and heirs to the Kingdom of His glory

in the world to come. Amen.

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  1. I think you just made me cry 🙂

    • Oh no! Which part?

      It’s funny, because my sister said this same post made her laugh. I felt pretty unemotional while writing it, so it’s interesting to see what kind of reactions other people have to it! 😉

  2. Glad you’re doing IUI in the mean time. Clomid made me very dry and would thin out uterine lining for some anyways. Best of luck to you on your natural IUI! And wonderful to have friends like your ninja friends. 🙂

    • Yes, I was not a big fan of Clomid. I’ll do just about anything to avoid getting those night sweats again!

      And I agree about my friends. I hardly deserve it; I’m the kind of friend that forgets your birthday if you don’t throw a party. This experience makes me want to be a better friend, though – more like S & Q!

  3. It amazing that kaiser will cover your IUI cycles. How great to have a “fall back” while you wait for everything else to line up. Fingers crossed you might hit the jackpot.

    • Thanks Egg Timer! Yes, we’ve been pretty pleased with our coverage through Kaiser. If only they covered IVF…

  4. That’s a really sweet gift from your friends. They sound awesome.

  5. Lol… my daughter was bouncing all over me when I was reading your post. I read the sentence about receiving the sweetest gift from your fertile friends, and then all I saw was the car keys… you can imagine what I thought- I wish I had sweet friends like that!!! Lol…

    Seriously, it’s nice that you have good friends standing behind you. And I’m so glad your’e doing the IUIs… miracles do happen. Why not to you? Hoping for the best….

    • Ha! Yes, a new car would be quite the pick-me-up after a failed IVF cycle.

      And thank you for the well-wishes. The funny thing is, I still very much believe in the possibility that we might naturally conceive (after all, that really just takes one good egg, and we’ll have a lot more months of trying naturally than any other way). I just would be surprised if it happened in the three months while we’re gearing up for another IVF cycle…

  6. We’re in a similar game plan of exhausting the IUI option as my insurance does 50% coverage and it’s relatively inexpensive. You did concieve spontaneously, so it’s not out of the question!

  7. I think the prayer just made me cry because it was beautiful and a lovely kindness from a friend 🙂

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