Graduated, and a touch neurotic

Sorry it’s been so long. Once again I want to reassure you all that I have been reading your blogs…on my iPhone (which is my lame excuse for not commenting). I’ve also been keeping you all in my thoughts and nightly prayers. On nights when I’m totally exhausted, the prayer goes something like “God bless all my infertile bloggy friends and local Resolve group members”. When I’m a little less sleepy, I try to mention you each by screen name and by situation – stims/egg retrieval/transfer/TWW, etc. I know many of you aren’t religious, but given the lengths we all go to, I figure it can’t hurt!

So, two weeks ago, we had our third and final ultrasound with Dr. Y. The ultrasound looked great. Although we were at 7w5d by my count, baby measured 8w0d and we could see a nice big noggin, along with spinal cord, booty, and a limb (not sure if it was an arm or a leg at that point). I’d share the video, but C’s iPhone video technique has improved significantly, and in the later videos my full name and clinic location are crystal clear on the screen. (I’m not quite ready to dispense with the last semblance of anonymity here…)

After the ultrasound, Dr. Y gave me some instructions regarding the baby aspirin and progesterone suppositories (Yee haw! No more suspicious bruises or greasy cooch!)

Then Dr. Y put his arms out to the side…

In retrospect, I think it was a gesture of “well, I guess that’s it!”, but at the time, I was convinced he was reaching out for a bear hug, and – without thinking – I went for it.

Which was weird, given that my lady bits were covered by a thin paper sheet, which kind of raised up during the hug…

 Like Lentil, we brought cookies to say Thank You to Dr. Y and his staff (but waited to give them to him until after the ultrasound and awkward hug). And with that, we graduated from the RE’s office.

I kind of wish he had kept us for another week. Our first prenatal appointment was originally scheduled for October 22nd (hence the timing of our RE graduation). But during that last appointment, Dr. Y asked us which OB we had chosen, and when I told him that we had an appointment with one of the Kaiser nurse midwives, he hemmed and hawed and said “Well, that should be fine. Technically, you’re not high risk, so you don’t need to see an obstetrician…” Which of course led C to insist that we cancel our appointment with the midwife and make one with an OB. And that’s how our first appointment ended up scheduled for a week later, on October 29 (this coming Tuesday).

 So we haven’t seen our little prune in two weeks. I actually was fine with it, until my acupuncture appointment yesterday. My acupuncturist said my pulse was “fine” when I asked her, but then when I was leaving, she said, “Fingers crossed for your ultrasound!” And her assistant asked if I wanted to schedule my next acupuncture appointment then, or wait for the results of my ultrasound.

 Um. What does that mean?!

 So, naturally, I’ve been running through the list of pregnancy symptoms.

 Still here:

  • Unsettled tummy in the morning, and inability to eat a large meal in one sitting
  • Sore boobs
  • Tummy pooch
  • Constipation

Absent the last few days:

  • Exhaustion
  • Crazy acne
  • Waking up starving in the middle of the night to eat my night peanuts


Needless to say, the next four days can’t go fast enough.

Fortunately, I have a ridiculous pile of grading and course prep to keep me busy…

which I should probably get back to now…

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  1. Prayers are welcome here. 🙂 You’re so thoughtful to include bloggy friends. 🙂 I am so glad that things are looking good. I laughed out loud when I read about the hug. With a man, I find it more awkward. I never hesitate to hug my RE since she’s a woman. Can’t wait to hear about the ultrasound. So you’re 10 weeks now?? Time flies!

  2. I appreciate the prayers. You’ve been included in mine as well. I’m sending some extras to keep you calm until the ultrasound.

  3. Love the prayers, too, friend. And your meme is hilarious. Because I am a food hoarding zoo elephant right now. And I’m glad you liked the cookie idea. So funny about the half naked hug. I wanted to hug my RE, too, but she is just not the type. I think she might have slapped me on impulse and then been horrified with her reaction. And I would not want to do that to her. She did get me pregnant, after all.

    So glad things are going well. Try not to mind read into the acupuncturist’s words. Had she not wished you luck, that would have been weird. Ultrasound is right around the corner! Oh, and my intense nighttime hunger and acne and sleepiness came and went, too. It terrified me then, but I understand now that it’s just the way of the game. And now I sit here typing this, working on a Friday night on my birthday (one year to the day of my miscarriage), but I couldn’t be happier because my babies have been kicking me all day long. 🙂 Can’t wait for your next update! They change TREMENDOUSLY so quickly.

    • Thanks so much Lentil. 🙂 And happy birthday! I’m glad your little soccer players are celebrating with you.

  4. Hoping I’m on the prayer list, as I can use all I can get cause the big guy (or gal) certainly isn’t listening to me! 😉 LOLing at the night peanuts…love New Girl!

    • Absolutely! You and your frosty embryo are at the top of the list!

      And ditto re: New Girl. When Jess said that about the night peanuts, C pointed at me and laughed so hard!

  5. SO excited. I, too, send out prayers in the form of intentions from my yoga mat. 🙂 I feel so connected to all of these blogger strangers and I am rooting so hard for everyone!!! I am 4 weeks ahead of you and my baby has been measuring 2 days bigger each time. I guess that is good for the baby (bad for me!!:) Excited to hear about the U/S!

  6. Hurrah to graduating!! I can understand how you might be nervous but fingers cross everything is going to be A-ok. Don’t worry about the acupuncturist – your pulse is good! Sending you lots of luck for ultrasound.

  7. Congratulations on graduating! Fingers crossed that all is well during your ultrasound ❤

  8. Graduating is good, though unnerving at times. And there’s nothing more awkward than the pantsless hug. I couldn’t agree more!

    I’m sure all is fine in there… try to relax and enjoy the ride! 🙂

  9. I just had this conversation with a pregnant friend of mine – why can’t people not say stupid doomsday shit to us? I don’t know why. They feel compelled. Sounds like all is going so so well. This little stretch between ultrasounds is good practice as they become really few and far between!
    A lot of my less fortunate symptoms started disappearing around the point where you are now. While I definitely worried that it was a sign of terrible things, it definitely wasn’t. Just a natural reprieve and my body getting used to all the wacky hormones. Enjoy!

  10. Lauren

     /  October 29, 2013

    Hi there,

    I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I love to know the ending of stories, (especially if it’s a good ending!) so I loved reading your blog end-to-finish.

    Anyway, congrats on your latest ultrasound! Everything sounds swell as can be.

    I love the scientific spin you put on your blog and I just have one question about DHEA for you: did you take it during the 2WW? I’m currently taking it during my 2WW for an IUI and I’m just wondering.

    Again, congrats! Such happy, happy news!

    • Welcome! And thank you for the congrats. 🙂 I did take DHEA during the 2WW. Not sure if it was a good idea, but I thought the chance of conception was so low, and I wanted to get a good 3+ months of continuous supplement use before my last ditch IVF cycle… Naturally, I stopped as soon as I got the BFP.

      • Lauren

         /  November 4, 2013

        Thanks for the input! I have one more question about the DHEA: which brand did you use? There are so many out there, and everyone seems to have a different idea about what to take. Thanks!

      • Hi Lauren,

        The only advice I heard (from another infertile) was to choose a ‘micronized’ preparation of DHEA. The one I found at Whole Foods was MRM DHEA (in a little purple bottle).

        Hope that helps!

  11. Belle2013

     /  October 31, 2013

    I hope the ultrasound on Tuesday went well! My acupuncturist says crazy stuff to me all the time ,e.g., “you need to love your womb, [touching my stomach area] love your womb. Then you will get pregnant.” I suspend disbelief for the needles but not so much for her advice. Fingers are crossed for you…


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