Not pregnant

My fertility nurse took pity on me and ordered a blood pregnancy test. The result: <1 mIU/mL hCG.

Still no AF. Maybe Dr. L was right, and this is the start of menopause… 😦

Well, at least the sunset tonight was amazing. 


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  1. I’m sorry. 😦 It could just be a wonky cycle not premature menopause due to DOR.

    On a lighter note I’m pretty sure my toddler has that same bike helmet. Assuming that’s a bike helmet…

    • Thank you. And yes, it’s a bike helmet. He asked us to put it on (er, pointed at it and cried till we put it on…) because he wanted us to take him for a bike ride. Even after he realized that wasn’t going to happen, he still kept wearing the helmet. 😉

  2. Elizabeth

     /  August 29, 2015

    I’m sorry. It’s always a disappointment even when you are prepping yourself for it. What’s up next? IUI or not sure yet?

    • Thank you! Yes, planning to try for another IUI. (At the moment our plan is to keep doing them until we get pregnant, or until Dr. Y cuts us off!)

  3. So sorry.

    My, he’s cute!

  4. Gah bfns bite. So sorry to log on and find out that you’re going through this. 😦

  5. I’m sorry. This really sucks. :/

  6. k-lo

     /  September 3, 2015

    Hi, I have a similar diagnosis with short and anovulatory cycles. I’ve had some luck with Chinese herbal formulas and nettle tea every day. It’s helped in making sure that I at least keep having cycles…


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