The IUI count, and Halloween cuteness

I’m deep in the 2WW of our sixth month of natural cycle IUIs. It’s only the third cycle that went according to plan (read: including trigger shot), and the fifth that included insemination. Unlike last month, I won’t make the mistake of testing too soon (or at least if I do test, I won’t mistake a squinter for a BFP…)

In the mean time, I’ll contribute to the Halloween cuteness going around. (Those of you who are sick and tired of kids in costumes might want to click elsewhere…)


Oktoberfest party at a friend’s house the weekend before Halloween


“Harvest Festival” at C’s daycare Thursday night


Dressed as Daddy (including salt and pepper hair) for school Halloween parade on Friday


Trick-or-treating with his bestie Saturday night

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  1. Cuuuute kid! Hope this month works for you. What are your plans going forward (medicated IUI, IVF, etc.)? XOXO

  2. So much fun! Good luck with the rest of the 2WW!

  1. The 6th time’s the charm? | the infertile chemist

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