I used to think caterpillars were cute little things that transformed into butterflies. Their eating habits only impacted me as the subject of Eric Carle’s charming book (one of C. Samuel’s favorites).

Image result for the very hungry caterpillar

That was before caterpillars started attacking Jane’s wildflowers.

Our friends S&Q made this beautiful planter for my husband C’s birthday, as a memorial to Jane. They planted wildflowers (seeds of which we had as a takeaway at Jane’s funeral):


Our lovely memorial planter, pre-caterpillar

This is what it looks like now:



I declared war on the caterpillars:


Concentrating hard as I pick out caterpillars with chopsticks

Prisoners of War:



I may or may not have kept the POWs in a small tupperware container until after C. Samuel’s bedtime, and then released them into a mean neighbor’s yard under cover of night…

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  1. UGH. Hate that! I tried to plant blueberry bushes partly in memory of the daughter we lost, and it makes me sad that they haven’t thrived either. I suspect a combination of soil pH, lack of fertilizer, and choosing a poor combination of varieties, but at least we got a few ripe berries out of them this year. Those insensitive caterpillars! Leave Jane’s flowers alone!!!

  2. Ew! You’re incredible dedicated to pull all those off Jane’s plants. I’m impressed!!

  3. nkuttyil

     /  October 1, 2016

    hiii! i’m reaching out to my fellow loss mom followers — I just made my blog ( private to keep it to those that have walked this path….so if you notice you can’t read it that’s why – you can request and i’ll approve it. hope you’re having an OK day xoxo

  1. Telling Jane the news | the infertile chemist

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