Blogiversary, beta update, and winter cuteness

After I posted our news on Friday, I got notified by WordPress that it was the four-year anniversary of my blog. That makes it five years – give or take – from when C and I first started trying to conceive!

That went by fast – sort of.

I feel a little bit sorry for that little newlywed me, who actually argued with my dashing new husband about when to start trying…so we could. Time. My. Maternity. Leave.


Mr. Obama finds my naive ideas about family planning hilarious!

But early pregnancy loss, life-threatening motor vehicle injury, crushing infertility diagnosis, and stillbirth notwithstanding, I still can’t help but focus on the positive.

  • I married a wonderful man who doesn’t have a self-pitying bone in his body.
  • We have a gorgeous son.
  • We have amazing friends and family who have supported us through everything.
  • Contrary to the predictions of three different REs, I have managed to get pregnant four times.


So while things have not quite gone according to plan, I’m proud of where we’ve come in the last five years, and hopeful for what the next five will bring!



For those of you who are counting, my beta came back today at 370 mIU/mL. That corresponds to a doubling time of about 33 hours.

doubling time

Looks really good!

histogram 2

I take another test on Wednesday.


Lastly, for your viewing pleasure, here are some sweet pics of C. Samuel from our ski trip to Park City over my Spring Break:

Look who has nicer ski gear than me!


Enjoying the view from the lift.


C. Samuel wanted to hold our hands while skiing. ❤


Relaxing in the hot tub after a long day!

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  1. I’m so thrilled for you!!

  2. What a beautiful son you have — he looks full of joy! So happy for the new little life growing within you too. And thinking of Jane, not visible in your pictures but always there in your family.

    • Thank you so much! So true. (And I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t mention Jane in this post!) A new baby can never replace Jane, but would be such a welcome addition to our little family nonetheless. ❤

  3. Wonderful news! I hope things continue to go well. Your son looked like he had a blast skiing!

  4. Jen

     /  March 27, 2017

    So happy for you! I recently came across your blog – thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am similar age (38 yrs old) and was diagnosed with DOR two years ago. Your story gives me hope and as someone with a science background, I appreciate all the detailed data/research you have provided.
    I’m wondering – are/were you using the same supplements in this try as you were before ?

    • Thank you! And best of luck to you.

      I was taking the same set of supplements. I checked with Dr. Y first to be sure that he didn’t think any of the supplements could have contributed to what happened to Jane. He said they most likely did not, and seemed to think I had nothing to lose by trying them again, since they had “worked” twice for us before. (I use quotes because I’m still not aware of any conclusive evidence for their use.)

      I stopped taking the supplements as soon as I found out I was pregnant, since I don’t know the impact on a fetus. I am currently just taking a prenatal vitamin, baby aspirin (per Dr. R’s and Dr. Y’s recommendation), and progesterone suppositories.


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