The try

First, an update: After 7 days in the hospital, C.’s risk of further internal bleeding was considered low enough to let him go home. The final tally (after hearing from a team of trauma surgeons, radiologists, and the like) was a bit worse than I said in my last post: 7 broken ribs, 3 broken vertebrae, class 4 lacerations on both liver and spleen, and a hemopneumothorax (blood and air in the chest cavity). Incredibly, he did not require surgery – just a few stitches on his knee, close monitoring for internal bleeding, and a $*#!load of painkillers (more on those later). Since he was in San Jose at the time of the accident, the ‘home’ that they released C. to is his parents’ house. Yesterday, I flew back to San Diego to return to work. The plan is for me to fly to San Jose again on Friday to pick up C. and bring him ‘home’ to San Diego…

But this blog is supposed to be about infertility. As I mentioned before, the timing of C.’s accident relative to my anticipated ovulation date made it unlikely that we would get to try this month. Well…I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that there is at least the possibility (however remote) that I could get pregnant…(Nobody can accuse C. of not being dedicated to baby-making!)

Now whether that would be a good thing is another question entirely. In the past week, C. has been on a laundry-list of painkillers, most opiate narcotics. In the hospital, his drug of choice was hydromorphone (trade name Dilaudid), a fast-acting IV narcotic. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take that one home and had to settle for the ones that come in pill form, including time-release oxycodone (trade name OxyContin); a mixture of hydrocodone and paracetamol (trade name Norco); and ibuprofen (trade name Motrin). The narcotics are all derived from the natural products morphine and codeine, alkaloids produced by the opium poppy. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve pasted the chemical structures below.

If we do get pregnant this month, our baby might come out addicted to prescription painkillers!