Super sweet

How sweet! Aislinn at Ms Baby Makin, Ana at In My Garden Grow, My Eggtimer at The Egg Timer is About to Ring, and Lauren at On Fecund Thought (cutest IF blog name ever!) nominated me for a Super Sweet Blogging award. I’m so flattered!

I apologize that it took me so long to accept and pass along the love. (Don’t worry, this chain letter isn’t accompanied by a threat of 7 years of bad luck!)  In any case, I decided to accept this excuse to lavish praise on some great bloggers.

Conditions for accepting the award:

Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks so much Aislinn, Ana, Eggtimer and Lauren!

 •Answer 5 super sweet questions:

  1. Cookies or cake? Is cheese not an option? If not, then cake. Preferably made from a box (with pudding in the mix, yum). My favorite flavors are “yellow” and “cherry chip”…with – you guessed it – cream cheese frosting.
  2. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla. I know I’m weird, but I am not a huge chocolate fan. I’ll eat white chocolate or very dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher). In particular, Lindt truffles with the white or black wrappers are great! Milk chocolate is totally gross. Especially Hershey’s milk chocolate. Yuck!
  3. Favorite sweet treat? I’m not a big sweets person. I’d choose potato chips over candy hands down. But if I must choose, my favorite sweet treat is probably the aforementioned Lindt truffles…
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Sometimes after church I crave a glazed doughnut.
  5. Sweet nickname?  My mom used to call me Suga Buga. I think she meant it affectionately, but it sounds kind of weird now that I think about it – like I pick my nose and eat it so much, my boogers must have sugar in them? Maybe this is why I’m not such a sweet tooth…

 •Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in the blog post:


•Nominate 12 other bloggers. Here goes:

I’ll sort them based on what I like about them. I’ve also marked the blogs that talk about pregnancy or parenting with an asterisk, to avoid any surprises!

Fellow scientist (or pro-science medical professional) bloggers:

1. Ana at In My Garden Grow is an immunologist who illustrates her blog with these awesome colored pencil drawings. Okay, so she nominated me, but the rules didn’t technically say ‘no pingbacks’, and she’s a scientist. I couldn’t help myself. (Tag, you’re it again!)

2. Jenny at A Natural Scientist* is a PhD natural scientist of some sort (the few hints I can find point to biotechnology – which narrows it down NOT. AT. ALL.) Jenny ultimately made the brave choice to step out of the lab to be a full-time mom…and to blog about it.

3. Catwoman73 at Two Adults One Child* is a respiratory therapist who struggled with secondary infertility. Catwoman loves chemistry, ergo I love Catwoman.

4. Jane at Mine to Command is a medical professional (with a chemist husband) who has awesome taste in TV shows and movies, which she cleverly peppers into her blog (pay attention to the fictional names she uses for the characters in her stories!)

Inspirational bloggers:

5. TracySue at Journey to Somewhere*. Okay, so she’s actually not blogging anymore (at least not at this site), but she is an endocrinologist friend of a friend (though we’ve never met) who chronicled her experience with IVF. I read her blog from beginning to end as I was starting this journey. With her cute POAS “experiments” and scientific explanations, TracySue inspired me to start this little blog.

6. Jen at Overworked Ovaries* is a fellow DOR-sufferer, who writes one hilarious blog…and is pregnant with twins! Yay!

7. luvnmysailor at The Road to Minimart* is my first Protocol Buddy. I met her through the online forum for my local Resolve support group. She used my weird protocol to the letter. And got pregnant. Yay!

Sweet bloggers:

8. MrsDJRass at Baby Baby Please! is super sweet and a generous commenter. She had a BFN today and could use some words of encouragement!

9. Fertility Doll is sweet, funny, interesting, open, and – most of all – authentic.

10. elaaisa at Childless in Paris writes a poignant and sweet blog, interspersed with charming anecdotes about life amongst the Frenchies. (She’s Italian.)

Generally hilarious bloggers:

11. Aramis at It Only Takes One is in the DOR club. She also writes a brilliantly funny blog which I read from beginning to end in a day. (I couldn’t stop reading!)

12. Jenny at Stupid Stork! is an alchemist who takes the giant pile of shit that infertility gives her, and transforms it to shining gems of side-splitting humor, week after week.


I was going to add a blurb about dexamethasone at the end here, but the story is turning out to be more complicated than I originally thought, and I barely have enough time to shoot up some nun pee before The Bachelorette starts … So, I’ll save the chemistry lesson for next time. Later!