Family reunion

Sorry for being a bad bloggy friend this last week. I just got back from my family reunion in Colorado. My dad’s side of the family has a reunion in the mountains of Colorado every 3 years. This year, 65 of us – all direct descendants of my 90-year-old grandmother – made it to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park.

This was my first post-infertility reunion. And it was hard. Our crew of 65 included 22 kids. And not just any kids, but freakin’ adorable, sweet, funny kids. The kind of kids that I want to have. The weekend also included a large amount of marveling at genetic parenthood – how virtually everybody there owed their life (or their spouse’s life) to this one woman – my grandma. Now don’t get me wrong, my grandma is awesome! But it still stings to think that I likely won’t have any genetic children…or grandchildren…or great grandchildren…

But enough of this pity party. There was a lot to be thankful for. For one thing, not one single person asked when we would have kids, or why we didn’t have any yet.

(I suspect this has something to do with a little incident last summer… After getting my positive pregnancy test, I texted my parents a photo…which my dad immediately posted on Facebook! I called him and made him take it down right away, but several relatives had already seen – and ‘liked’ or commented on – it. Seeing as there is now no baby, I can only assume they figured out what happened and had the decency not to comment on it. Either that, or everybody thinks I’m still in my twenties and have plenty of time – neither of which is true, but who can keep track when there are so damn many of us?!)

Another plus of the weekend: my adorable husband. A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned that wheatgrass juice is allegedly supposed to help with egg quality. The next week, I got home from church to find this in my kitchen:


A couple weeks later, C decided that blending and straining the wheatgrass wasn’t good enough, and ordered a mechanical wheatgrass juicer.

This sweet man couldn’t imagine me going for almost a week without any wheatgrass, so he packed the juicer and a bag of wheatgrass in a little cooler, brought it along, and made me wheatgrass juice each day that we were there, cleaning the juicer in our room sink after each serving. 😉


He also offered to “live like a monk” with me, giving up alcohol and unhealthy food for the next three months. (Okay, so part of the reason is that he wants to lose weight, but I still found it adorable.)

And on our last night there, after an abrupt and heavy downpour, the sun came out to reveal the most amazing double rainbow I’ve seen in years! (I would say ever, but I grew up in Hawaii, so I’ve seen some pretty amazing rainbows…)


I’m not sure when or how, but in moments like this, I know that everything really is going to be alright!